Gloria Downey

Gloria Downey has over thirty years of training and was on the forefront of women competing in the Martial Arts.  

Understanding the importance of reality Combat in the late 1980’s, before its popularity, she has always sought out Instructors with a Special Operations Background.  She began her training in Los Angeles, CA in Shotokan Karate and H2H Combat under renowned Karate Master and Marine F.O.R.C.E. Recon Veteran James Fields, achieving her second degree black belt and went on to compete in fighting on the International level.  

After relocation to FT. Lauderdale, FL. she began training in Mugendo Kickboxing under Shihan Robert Mason and U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran Carmine Downey (who would later become her husband) obtaining black belt in that system. In addition to the Mugendo she trained privately in Special Forces Combatives and Muay Thai under her Husband.  Later, with her being a native Mandarin Speaker, she and her husband traveled to China and turned to the study of Chinese San Shou Kickboxing. She has learned under such notable San Shou Coaches as Master Fong of the Taiwanese Police Department and Ian Lee, U.S. San Shou Head Coach and former King of Sanda Champion (San Shou alternate name).

With reality combat her focus she expanded her training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having had training under such notable Professors as Pedro Sauer and Louis Heredia (Masters ranked directly under Rickson Gracie) and Krav Maga having trained directly under Darren Levine, Head of Krav Maga Worldwide.  She incorporated bladed weapons training and in addition to training under Carmine Downey (Founder of Elite Blade Combatives) in Japanese sword and Special Forces Knife and Tomahawk has trained under Guru Ron Ignacio, head of Ignacio Kali System.

She has performed for a number of years as part of a Superhero Charity Stunt Team depicting such strong female characters as Marvel’s Domino and D.C.’s Katana and has choreographed and Co-Directed award winning actions shorts including “Fair Fight” and “Crazy Puddin.”

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