Maestro Greg Hicks

Dr. Greg Hicks is a Military Master at Arms certified by the San José State University Fencing Master’s Program (1998). He has trained in fencing pedagogy under several skilled fencing masters and other teachers including: Maestro William Gaugler and Military Master at Arms Ralph Sahm (1988 to 2001); Maestro Enzo Musumeci Greco (1988); Maestro Charles Selberg and, Coach Michael D’ Asaro (Senior) (1976 to 1983).


Dr. Hicks founded the Classical Italian Fencing Program at the University of New Mexico while working on his doctorate (1991 to 1996). He later established a similar program at Mendocino College in Northern California where he teaches foil, sabre, epee, knife and unarmed combat (1997 to present).


In addition to being a Professor of Health Science, Dr. Hicks also instructs various private firearms classes. His other martial arts interests include: Western boxing, Krav Maga, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and most recently, Libre and Apulian Italian Knife and Stick techniques.

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