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Jaredd Wilson has been studying Japanese martial arts since 1995 while attending the University of Florida.  He earned his shodan in Chendokan Aikido as well as in Sogetsu ryu kenjutsu in 2001.  He has studied Pukulan Cimandi Kombinasi Pencak Silat and is currently a student of Nami ryu Aikiheiho under the instruction of Brian Williams in Nashville, TN.

Jaredd started the Martial Thoughts Podcast in 2013 as a discussion with his friends about martial arts.  It has since evolved into a platform for martial arts ideas and interviews with authors and other martial arts personalities.  Its goal is now to provide a voice for the legitimate discussion of all aspects of martial arts, including HEMA and Asian.  Some of the more notable interviews have been: Iain Abernethy, Dave Baker (Forged In Fire-Judge), Anthony DeLongis , Stephen K. Hayes, Lawrence Kane, Jared Kirby (CombatCon President), Richard Marsden, F. Braun McAsh, Ben Miller, Kris Wilder, and James Williams (Nami ryu).
Jaredd Wilson

Jaredd Wilson

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