Joe Compton

Joe Compton is an Indie Author of The Duality of Truth Crime Thriller Trilogy (Amongst The Killing, We The Moral Majority, and the 2023 Release Best Served Cold), the 6 book Epic Fantasy Series Fragility, with the 1st book due out soon.  He is also an Indie Filmmaker who has worked on over 40+ independent productions (both in TV and Film) in 5 different countries, 4 of which were his own that he produced, wrote, and directed. In addition to those Joe worked for 18 months as Script Supervisor, Script Doctor, and Script Consultant in Hollywood helping TV Pilots, Movies of The Week, and a couple Feature Films get made. Joe is also an instructor at the Speculative Fiction Academy teaching Screenwriting 101 and How to Get Your Novel Made Into a Movie.
Since 2106 Joe has owned and operated the Online Video Network Go Indie Now, which highlights, supports, and promotes Indie Artists of all art disciplines by producing various shows both live and pre-recorded/edited that air on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis through many online platforms. Go Indie Now covers many Writers Conferences, Cons, and Film and Music Festivals that features Indies. He is also a hugger and loves to talk to anyone and everyone about film especially, where he knows a lot of lines to a lot of movies.

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