Kathryn Blanche

In addition to writing, Kathryn can be found traveling around the world, working in the theatre, teaching, and indulging her love of martial arts. Kathryn finds that training in historical fencing, stage combat, and martial arts improves her ability to describe fights in her books, and clears her mind. She has trained with professionals from Los Angeles to New York, and even as far away as London, and Moscow.

Blanche has also hiked through the rainforest of Costa Rica, climbed the Alps in Italy, seen some of the oldest standing man-made structures in the world, and explored long-silent battlefields in Scotland. While she has spent much time traveling and writing, she is always looking forward to her next adventure.

When she is home in California, Blanche often spends her time with family and friends, catches up on the latest Scifi and Fantasy films, supports local theaters and studies TaiChi. She owes her love of reading to her father, who introduced her to the fantasy genre when she was six years old. She has constantly had her nose stuck in a book ever since.

Website: www.kathrynblanche.com

Books by Kathryn Blanche

Laila of Midgard Series:

Caught by Demons (Laila of Midgard Book 1)

Summoned by Demons (Laila of Midgard Book 2)

Infiltrated by Demons (Laila of Midgard Book 3)

Hunted by Demons (Laila of Midgard Book 4)

Haunted by the Holidays: A Laila of Midgard Novelette (Kindle Only)


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