KellyCorps provides expert instruction for individuals and agencies that work in the realm of armed security, private contracting, personal protection, and law enforcement. KellyCorps also provides expert technical resources for the entertainment industry that’s based in the military, law enforcement and combat genres.

Executive Director of Instruction and Owner, Frankie Kelly, is a USMC 0331 Machine Gunner Veteran with 2 combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Kelly is a certified instructor in counter-terrorism, Krav Maga UFAF, Krav Haganah and firearm tactics. Kelly is also recognized by the National Association of Chiefs of Police as a Defensive Tactics instructor and a Weapons Retention / Disarm Instructor. Kelly is a PADI certified master diver / rescue diver.

Lead Instructor Ronnie Long is a USMC 0621 Field Radio Operator Veteran with 1 combat tour to Afghanistan and 1 MEU tour to Africa and the Red Sea. Long is a certified instructor in counter-terrorism, Krav Haganah and a firearms & range coach for Topline Defense. Long was a counter-terrorism instructor for C.R.I. Training School out of Las Vegas, NV.

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