Kirk Lawson

Kirk is a leading member of the Western Martial Arts community, participating as both a scholar and practitioner. Originally a 20+ year veteran of the Asian Martial Arts with “black belts” in Akido and Judo, Kirk had turned his attention to the historical martial systems originating primarily in Europe and also in America.

In addition to his interest and practice of classical pugilistic (boxing) methods, Kirk is a leading member of the Bartitsu Society (a group studying the 19th Century fusion of English Boxing, French Savate, the Vigny Walking Stick System, and Japanese JuJitsu), a student of the Tomahawk and Bowie Knife, from the American Frontier period, certified Expert Level 1 through The School of Two Swords, and a Free-Scholar in the Cumann Bhata (Irish Stick Fighting Society) and is a National Rifle Association certified Rifle Instructor, Certified Pistol Instructor, and Range Safety Officer, regularly teaching Ohio Concealed Carry classes and occasionally youth rifle courses.

In addition to leading his Western Martial Arts study-group “Cumann Bhata-Dayton,” Kirk regularly transcribes and reproduces historical Western Martial Arts Manuals, providing free electronic versions online. Kirk’s original works include his contributions to Volumes I & II of the Bartitsu Compendium, and the authorship of “Banned From Boxing! The forgotten grappling techniques of historic Pugilism.”

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