Maestro John Sullins

Dr. John P. Sullins is a Military Master at Arms, certified by the San José State University Fencing Master’s Program (1994). He teaches: foil, epee, sabre, and various historical arms. Dr. Sullins has trained in fencing pedagogy under many skilled fencing masters including: Maestro William Gaugler and Military Master at Arms Ralph Sahm (1986 to 1994); Maître Daniel Revenu (1988); Maestro Ferenc Marki (1988); Maestro Niccolo Perno (1988); Maestro Enzo Musumeci Greco (1988); and Maestro Lucio Nugnes (1989). Dr. Sullins has taught at numerous fencing schools and programs since the mid 1980′s and was a cofounder and manager of the Tri Cities Academy of the Sword in Binghamton New York 1998-2002. In addition to directing the SSU Fencing Masters Certificate Program, Dr. Sullins is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Sonoma State University. Dr. Sullins has been primarily interested in the Italian broadsword of the Victorian era and has worked for over ten years at rediscovering and reconstructing this style of fencing.

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