Mary De Longis

A bio for Mary De Longis reads like a book on ADHD. A Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Anatomy, Mary spent 16 years in biomedical research before she met Anthony De Longis – the circus she ran away and joined. Bullwhip artist, horsewoman, knife and tomahawk thrower, cowboy action shooter, fight performer, wrangler, ranch manager – she’s a woman of many talents. Mary was a fight double, weapons trainer and coordinator’s assistant on QUEEN OF SWORDS, trained and wrangled horses for 2 seasons of Spike TV’s DEADLIEST WARRIOR, and was stunt double for the feature SIX GUN SAVIOR. She regularly does live performances with bullwhip with Anthony, including the 2014 Del Mar Night Of The Horse celebration, and was the featured Catwoman bullwhip expert for DC Nation. In addition to her many other skills, Mary just earned her Black Belt Hyaku i rank in Shenkendo (Japanese swordsmanship). Mary and Anthony live just north of Los Angeles, CA at Rancho Indalo, along with their 4 horses and 2 dogs. They offer weapons training (bullwhip, swords, knives, guns, archery, knife/tomahawk throwing), extreme trail riding, fine dining and relaxing evenings at the ranch. For more information, visit


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