Moses Dungca

Moses was part of both Arizona State’s gymnastic team and USA’s Olympic team.  He has studied holistic medicine and massage.  

He completed Rusian Kettlebell Club (RKC) level 1 & 2 master course in 2003 but then saw Valery Fedorenko perform.  That sold him into kettlebell sport.  He studied and practiced Valery’s tutorials while building relationships with the top coaches and athletes in the kettlebell sport world.  In the US, Moses has strong relationships with Valery (WKC founder), Steve Cotter (IKFF founder), Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength), Steven Khoung (founder of Ice Chamber), John Buckley, Nazo &Jason Dolby (OKC founders) and many other athletes and coaches. He hosted the first kettlebell sport meet with the WKC in Las Vegas in 2010. He has participated in workshops with Valery Fedorenko, Sergei Rudnev, Anton Anasenko and Ivan Denisov. Look up these folks on YouTube. They are the top athletes and coaches in Kettlebell Sport.  Moses is also the Nevada Board Member of the American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA).
At Kettlebell Sanctuary, Moses teaches the technique and coaches the progress to build strong lifters at any age. He has developed aspiring kettlebell athletes that are close to achieving notoriety ranks such as Candidate for Master of Sport (CMS), Master of Sport (MS) and Master of Sport World Class (MSWC).  He uses maces, Indian clubs, some gymnastic and dance training to enhance and complement kettlebell sport training to give you the strongest, mobile body to enjoy life.

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