Patrick Dean

Patrick Dean is a founding member of Ochs America, located in Orlando FL, which is associated with Ochs Historiche Kampfkünste, one of Germany’s most prestigious historical fencing and martial arts organizations. Ochs America focuses instruction on the oldest known European fighting manuscript known as the Royal Armouries MS I.33, also known as the Art of the Priest.


Patrick began his training in fighting in 1979 with Jeet Kune Do. He earned his first black belt in Goshinjitsu, an eclectic style combining Karate, Jujitsu, and Chi Lung Tao gung fu. He instructed Goshinjitsu in Orlando and later Seattle. He also continued his studies in Asian martial arts, with Wing Chun, Muay Thai, FMA and other Japanese and Chinese arts. Patrick also has experience of armored fighting in the SCA, which he did exclusively with great weapons, and earned the rank of knight there. He has been studying Kunst des Fechtens since 2009 and founded the Midnight Sun Swordplay Academy in North Pole Alaska. He has been with Ochs America since returning to Orlando FL.


Patrick’s work as an airborne combat medic with the U.S. Army Infantry, his work as a senior paramedic on first response ambulances and in emergency departments, his training in medical school and as a physician, and his experience as a combat veteran of Afghanistan have given him significant real-life experience with trauma and its effects on the human body. This experience helps inform his understanding of the use and instruction of weapons and fighting.

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