Rick Skene

Rick is the leading Stunt Coordinator in central Canada. He has been Stunt Coordinating for film and television for over 25 years with over 175 feature film and series credits. His expertise covers a wide range of stunt work, including car stunts, body burns, wire work, ratchets, air rams, high falls, fight choreography etc. He is a highly respected stunt driver and works frequently in this capacity designing and executing major chase/crash sequences. He often works as director/second unit director planning the shots and directing the shooting of stunt and fight sequences.

Rick is also the leading stage combat choreographer in Manitoba with over 25 years of extensive work in stage, opera and ballet behind him.

He is a founding member of The Society of Canadian Fight Directors and holds the rank of Fight Director with Fight Directors, Canada. He teaches at the University of Winnipeg Department of Theatre & Film where he specializes in film, stage combat, physical theatre, and acting.

Rick also has an extensive acting resume and recently played the serial killer lead in the Steven C. Miller feature film reboot of the horror classic Silent Night.

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