Robert Childs

Robert Childs is a swordsman out of the United States who began his fencing career 34 years ago at the age of 17. Though a multi-gold medalist in saber, single stick and longsword, Robert’s expertise and passion is for the rapier. His unique approach and style of fence has garnered international attention and owes its genesis to a life of travel competing and learning from a variety of styles and cultures. His most recent tournament performances include winning gold at Sweden’s Swordfish for rapier and dagger, and gold medals each for rapier and saber at the United States SoCal Swordfight competition in Southern California. In keeping with his desire to help other fencers achieve their greatest potential, Robert Childs has further written his treatise on rapier combat titled, “Revelations of Rapier”, due for release in May of 2022.

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