Samantha Sherlock

Samantha Sherlock is an RN with over 15 years of experience in ER/Trauma, Disaster, and International Medicine. She spent over a decade caring for critically ill and injured patients in California’s second busiest ER while also volunteering with local EMS agencies to develop, implement, and execute annual multicounty disaster drills to improve local response to both natural and manmade disasters. During her career she has led strike teams into areas affected by natural disasters to support local healthcare teams as they worked to support their communities. After completing her master’s degree in 2017, she took over the management of her hospital’s employee health department and during that time, implemented a hospital-wide violence prevention program, training hundreds of healthcare workers to de-escalate aggressive individuals and defend themselves from violent attacks. In 2019, Samantha moved to the Philadelphia area where she started in her current position managing international evacuations, and working with film studios, NGOs and other agencies to provide medical related risk assessments for work conducted in remote locations.

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