Sara Warner

Accused (correctly) in childhood of wanting to “live in a fantasyland,” Sara Warner made every effort to do precisely that. In 2002 after graduating high school, she attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, initially as a pre-graphic design major with aspirations to storyboard for the Walt Disney Company, one day. Shifting gears mid-college career, though always a slave to the art of storytelling, Sara became one of only three students in her graduating class to design, from the ground up, her own degree program with centered interest in writing for film and television. Excited by the opportunity to tell stories in Hollywood, and motivated still by the promise of actually living in that fantasy world, Sara graduated in May of ’07 and within 3 days of collecting her diploma, landed in Los Angeles … right in time for the 2007 WGA West strike. Undeterred, if disappointed, Sara worked behind the camera in film and television production for about a year and a half before being hired by a marketing company on the east coast to produce video content for the United States Army, the community that raised her – Sara is, after all, an Army brat. She’s the daughter of a decorated Brigadier General (One-Star), the niece of a Lieutenant General (Three-Star) and the granddaughter of a retired General (Four-Star). In her family runs a Long, Gray Line (West Point), with ROTC officers peppered throughout, so she’s no stranger to… truth, justice, and the American Way. While working to produce videos back east, Sara rediscovered theater and acting by way of local productions she involved herself in, and before long, the siren song of Hollywood beckoned. So, again, Sara packed her things and returned to the dry and dramatic city of Los Angeles, this time with some new friends and recommendations. An avid costumer and convention goer, it should come as little surprise that no arm-twisting was needed for Sara to hear about and then attend the debut first year of Combat Con in Las Vegas … a move that provoked a resulting interest in Wester Martial Arts, and the art of telling stories through action. There, she met a large number of professionals she now considers among her very nearest and dearest friends, many of whom have been, and are still producing content recognizable on both the big and small screens, today. She’s had the opportunity to train with numerous action professionals she’d never have met were it not for that first year, and has performed with Jack Dagger, Luke Lafontaine, David Baker, Mary and Anthony Delongis (no small honor). In the last few years, Sara has managed to pull together a resume with a handful of SAG-AFTRA Stunt Contracts. Not quite willing to call herself a stuntwoman, Sara prefers to consider herself an action-performance fan who never stops learning. One thing is certain though, from early education through the past several years of Los Angeles life, two things have remained a constant: storytelling and Combat Con. Without either, Sara would not have amassed the skills she has to share today. You can find her throwing punches in class, writing her personal projects, or even wandering the halls in costume. She’s the least liable person to take herself seriously, so by all means, start a conversation!

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