Scott McElroy

Scott McElroy is a bladed weapons and bullwhip expert for not only the Film Industry but for real world applications as well!


Scott has trained for the last 20 years under weapons masters such as Anthony De Longis, Guru Dan Inosanto, Ernie Emmerson, Eric Paulson and Dave Warlow.


In 2003 Scott founded the LEFT System for Knife Combat. ( Lanyard Enhanced Fighting Techniques;) a system that Ernie Emmerson featured in his own knife combat instructional videos.


Scott got the attention of Film Director Quenton Tarantino in 2003 and was asked to train Uma Thurman for her knife fight sequence with Vivica  Fox in the hit Film Kill Bill  Volume one. Though the LEFT system was not used in the sequence, Scotts expertise in Filipino Kali was the base of Mrs. Thurman& training with a knife.


Scott has trained US Army Special Operations Soldiers as well as Police SWAT Teams in Kali based weapons systems for the last 15 years. Scott himself is a retired Police Officer and was assigned to a SWAT Gang Suppression Unit from 2008 to 2016.


A 20 year veteran of the Film Industry, Scott has worked as a Stuntman / Stunt Coordinator and Actor on over 50 Films / TV Productions around the globe.


Clip of whip sequence from Underworld.

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