Seth Wuertz

Seth Wuertz is a Professional Film Maker, Stage Director, and Stage Combatant, who is fueled by the desire to tell stories that leave an impact. He started his career attenting the Art Institute of Tampa, where he received his BA in Digital Film in 2011. Since then, he has followed his passions, working on short films, feature films, and live theater.

Focusing mostly on Editing, and VFX, Seth has spent the last 7 years finetuning his craft on Feature Films such as Waste Case, and more notably the short Fan Film Star Wars: The Last Hope. As well as Assistant Directing the Anime Human Combat Chessmatch, a live show focusing on staged combat within the realm of Anime and Video games.

In his spare time, you can catch Seth Performing as an acrobat at the Bay Area Rennaisance Festival, or hatching some new film project to throw all of his free time and sanity into!

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