Simone Belli

Simone Belli is a stunt performer and national manager on stage combat in FISAC (Italian Federation of Acrobatic & Choreographed Sport) and Fight Choreographer. He regularly teaches stage fighting and stunt in the only Italian stunt gym boutique in Milan, Stunt Gum Boutique Asd (which he founded).
He constantly trains  in BJJ, Krav Maga, Grappling, Stunts and Stage fight (following his Mentor Jared Kirby). Simone met Jared once in NYC and he changed Simone’s mode of thinking and what he was doing in a new, much better way. He works a lot in Milano and his own mode of teaching safe “takedowns” is growing.
Simone is certified in High Risk Firefighting, First Aid, PLE, Module A., PDI 3 cat., IRATA first level and BLSD and is a federal instructor of Krav Maga for Ares Defense Evolution, Tactical operator TAC1-2 and operator for Survival Military. He collaborates with theaters, television and film productions, with the utmost respect for safety regulations, dedicating the maximum of passion and professionalism.
Founder – CEO SB Education
Founder – CEO Action Academy
Founder – CEO SB Film Fighting Crew Referente Nazionale FISAC – Combattimento Scenico-

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