Steve Huff

Creative Combat Founder and Head Instructor Steven Huff has had a fascination with weapons and martial arts since childhood and has been practicing various forms and styles for over 30 years. He has also had a longtime interest in history and has combined both passions in the researching and revitalizing of lesser known martial and combative systems, focusing primarily on fighting systems of Western cultures such as German and Italian medieval and Renaissance fighting systems, early Native American fighting arts, and early gladiatorial and Viking fighting arts among others.

Steve also has a passion for fantasy and science fiction, growing up a “Star Wars kid” (and also Trek and BSG of course!).

After years of teaching at international martial arts workshops Steve made contacts in the entertainment industry, and made the transition to Los Angeles, Additionally, Steve teaches regular classes on various weapons and hand to hand styles for both martial study and fight choreography for film and motion capture.

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