Steve Huff

Steven Huff is the founder and director of the Histor-ical Martial Study Society, a WMA practice group focusing primarily on the 17th through the 19th cen-turies with a strong emphasis towards the fighting arts of early America. The Historical Martial Study Soci-ety (HMSS) is an affiliate of Dwight McLemore’s School of Two Swords, and Steve holds not only a full Instructor Certification through Col. McLemore but an official School of Two Swords charter as well. The HMSS is also conductain intensive research into older forms of combat including gladiatorial fighting as well as the martial tactics of Viking culture.  Steve also teaches modern forms of combat and self defense, including unarmed, knife, stick and gun combatives.


Steve recently relocated to Los Angeles where he is co-founder of Iron Shield Arms, LLC and Vanaheim Studios – an action centric production company that offers weapons training and fight choreography for film and live performances.

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