Thomas Amoroso

Owner of Columbus Saber Academy out of Columbus Ohio, Tom brings over 30yrs of martial arts experience with him to Combat Con.   Starting his official training in Tae Kwon Do in 1990 under Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim in NYC, Tom transitioned to training in the Bujinkan under Mark Guest in 1997 and began studying classical Italian foil under Maestro Ramon Martinez at Martinez Academy of Arms in 1999.

Ninpo and classical fencing training continued through and after Tom’s move to Westerville Ohio in 2008, as well as going back to TKD for another 8yrs.  In Jan of 2015 Tom founded Columbus Saber Academy and since then, Tom’s training expanded to include Italian saber and sidesword as well as German longsword.

“Work hard, train hard, and never stop Learning. When we fail, we get up.  Always.”

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