Thomas Badillo

Returning coach, Thomas Badillo,  is a martial arts instructor from the San Francisco Bay Area, with a dedicated interest in Western Martial Arts, Bartitsu and Steampunk. He has served as Vice President of the Broadsword League, a member of Legion Fantastique and an instructor at the Dickens Christmas Fair, the Edwardian Ball and Nova Albion Steampunk Expo, GearCon, Steam Con, Clockwork Alchemy, ISMAC, and CombatCon.


In January 2011, Guro Badillo was named the new Gormon champion of the Broadsword League for 2010 with an average of 21.48 over 25 bouts. Guro Badillo achieved a 3rd degree black belt under GGM Ernesto Presas in 1992. He has been authorized to teach the Filipino combative arts of Kali, Escrima, and Arnis. As a member of the Legion Fantastique, in the role of Inspector Fix from Around the World in 80 Days, Badillo entertained the attendees of the Dickens Christmas Fair 2010 with daily sessions of Singlestick and Victorian cane defense techniques. 2010 was also the fifth year of the very popular O’Golly Singlestick Tournament at the Dickens Fair, which Badillo spearheaded.


He has trained in various forms of Martial Arts for over 35 years.  Beginning with modern fencing progressing through stage  combat, Aikido, Arnis and onto Western Martial Arts including Bartitsu and the shooting sports. Throughout his training he has attained command of many different weapon systems including Victorian cane fighting.  His current focus is on teaching martial arts in the Steampunk community.

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