Tim Anderson

Founder of Infiniti Blade Koncepts, Guru Tim Anderson began his formal training in edged weapons and JKD Concepts in 1994 while in Va beach Va under Frank Cucci and Patrick Trey of Seal Team Six. While this was a brief eight months it was in August of 1995 that he met and began training blade exclusively under Po. Tom Sotis in the family system of AMOK! where he continues to train today. It was in Va Beach that he also began his training in Muay Thai and Savate with Cucci. Upon moving to MD he began to teach the Navy Master at Arms at Patuxent Naval Air Station in Close Quarter Combatives and Knife from 2000 to 2002.


On September 13th 2001 he swore into the Naval Reserves as a Master At Arms Second Class and was the Close Quarter Combatives and Edged Weapons Instructor at Dahlgren Naval Base. In April of 2001 upon returning from training in the Philippines he meet Mike Krivka and continued his Thai, Filipino and JKD Concepts training until 2005. He has trained Tomahawk, Bowie and Khukuri under Col. Dwight MaClemore since 2002 and awarded the certificate of School of Two Swords which he taught and still does today. Guru Tim has also served as a Correctional Officer and spent four years at our Nation’s Capital as a Federal Police Officer protecting the United States House of Representatives. He also has training in the Spanish Navaja under Maestro James Lorieaga.


Tim conducts workshops and seminars on knife and empty-handed combatives today with Infiniti Blade Koncepts. He is founder of American Frontier Fighting Arts with Ken Phrenger and Kirk Lawson.

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