Vincent DeComo

Vincent DeComo can be described as, “The Fool;” a student in Life and in constant pursuit of the endless
journey towards Mastery. His 25 years, and counting, of Martial Arts experience ranges from his roots
and passions as a child towards Jackie Chan; in that he began his training in Northern Shoa Lin Kung Fu.
As he grew and began expanding his movement; he took interest in developing himself through the
harder styles of American Kenpo under the Ed Parker system while sistering Filippino knife and stick

It was also during this time that he began studying the art of teaching and instructing. After honing for
years. He started to seek more professional avenues for performing and began his first large career
move as a full-time stunt performer working overseas in China for the next 3 years. Not only was this
time spent working in a utility mindset of getting the fundamentals down. He also had the honor and
privilege of making a childhood dream come true by training at the Wu Shu Temple located in his city he
was performing at.

Returning home he continued his pursuit of knowledge not only through his continued work with Stunts
and Live Shows ranging from local shows such as The Bourne Stuntacular, Pirates Dinner Adventure, and
increasing his range through venues such as Raptor Encounter @ Universal Orlando, and any/all
performance related jobs. He also took time to work touring with shows such as FELD Entertainment’s
Marvel Universe Live. Portraying roles such as The Green Goblin, and fulfilling his never ending thirst for
knowledge by Super Swinging in these productions as well as continuing to take on more
Leadership/Teaching roles through positions such as Fight Captain.

It was also during this time, and all of these experiences that he was able to amalgamate just that;
experience. Experience working with Riders, Drivers, Martial Artists; all umbrellaed under the term he
uses, “Movement Artists.”

In between he has always found the time to serve his Roots with instructing at everything from local
Martial Art studios to major leading name brands such as Championship Martial Arts, and even working
after school programs while helping to lead and design their curriculums and material.

Now Vincent has taken on the role of Casting Director for FELD Entertainment, and has set his eyes to
Teaching on a much larger scale. While also being able to contribute back to the community that had
given him his big break in life. It is here that he aims to educate, empower and provide opportunity in
the same way that every great coach, teacher, role model that he had. To leave an impression, to
connect and to know that he helped individuals Feel like they matter, and they are connected to others,
and themselves through this crazy process called Life.

Teaching, Education, Knowledge and Passion with Performance. These are the pillars that Vincent stands
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