Zakk Locksley

Zakk was born in Scotland and moved to the US at an early age. He began working for Badger Blades at 17 years old and has become an integral part of the company. Badger Blades prides themselves on creating swords and other sharp, shiny, pokey things without the use of laser cutting or stamping. For Zakk, all of his hard work and long hours put into each individual blade is completely worth it. Each piece is not just a weapon–it’s a work of art.
When he’s not in the shop, Zakk enjoys selling the swords at several renaissance festivals around the US. For him, there’s nothing quite like seeing the delight and excitement on a person’s face as they purchase their first–or fifteenth!–Badger Blade.
Along with being an accomplished sword-smith, Zakk is also a talented musician. He has been a part of several musical groups over the years including the Albuquerque Symphonic Orchestra. During long festival days, it is not uncommon to see him playing his guitar while patrons browse the booth.

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