Adrian Paul’s Sword Experience

The Sword Experience is a dynamic event, featuring a unique training program, designed and directed by Adrian Paul. With over 25 years of martial arts, film and television fight choreography experience, Adrian delivers a fun, hands on, graceful and insightful glimpse into the fundamentals and techniques required to be an expert swordsman. 
Crafted for all skill levels and ranges of capability, The Sword Experience is great for individuals or groups. Each event is a perfect way to build new skills, refine existing ones and share unforgettable moments with friends both new and familiar. 

For the first time, Adrian is bringing The Sword Experience to CombatCon 2019! Check out all the details for August 1st experience or August 4th experience. Sign up for both!

This event is an additional fee and must be signed up for via The Sword Experience website but don’t forget you’ll need to have a full weekend CombatCon Pass in order to participate in the Sword Experience (even if you are only going to one session).