Table-Top Gaming with Mario Baleywah

In the summer of 1978 Mario Baleywah fell in love with Gaming. Through it’s trends in styles and developments, Mario’s abilities as a dynamically energetic and fun story teller has grown to make him one of the most popular Game-Masters in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

With 40 years in the hobby, running Horror, Science Fiction, Western, & Fantasy table top role-playing systems as well as as Miniature War-gaming systems like Warhammer 40,000, Battle-tech, Heroclix, Xwing and ( currently in the works ) Flintloque; CombatCon has imported the opportunity to take a break from all that awe inspiring sword swinging and sessions with Maestros of Western Martial Arts! Let the figures do the fighting.


Mario will run two table top systems for new comers:

“Convention Battle Royale“- A beginners guide to Heroclix: Convention Battle Royale: 10:30am-12:30pm Friday-Sunday

“Last ship floating” – A Beginners guide to Xwing: Last Ship Floating: 2pm-4pm Friday-Sunday


No equipment required.