The CombatCon Experience

The CombatCon Experience

We hope you are all ready to enjoy the CombatCon Experience, once again located in the lower level Convention Center (Red Rock) at the bottom of the escalators off the main promenade.  What is the CombatCon Experience?  Well, read on to find out!

We often get asked, “what is CombatCon, and why do you do it?”  Well, the answer to that is pretty simple, and is best explained with a quick story.  Many years ago, one of the CombatCon organizers attended a Renaissance Festival for the first time.  There, he witnessed a rapier and dagger demonstration, and was immediately hooked.  He had a “Oooh I want to do THAT!” moment, and it’s that experience we want to provide at CombatCon.  We feel everyone deserves a “I want to do THAT” moment, whether they’re complete newbies to martial arts, or have been studying and practicing for decades.  

The brand-new CombatCon Experience is a free, open-access, all-ages hall of wonders designed to give you a multitude of interactive thematic activities hosted by various combat-enthused groups.  At the Experience, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Handle historical replicas of swords and other weapons
  • Try on armor that would have been worn by actual knights
  • Listen to music and try your hand at a game of jugger in the Wasteland area
  • Beat your friends with boffer weapons in a LARP-style Highlander Game
  • Swing a lightsaber and try your hand at using the Force
  • Watch demonstrations of skill, bravery, and bravado with various weapons
  • Hear the crack of expertly wielded whips, or the sizzle of electrifying Shock Knives
  • Enter your kids in a Cosplay Parade
  • Shop for goods and wares from our fabulous vendors

Families are welcome, cosplay is encouraged, and good times are expected!

2017 Exhibitor groups in the Experience include:

  • Dagorhir
  • Fireblood
  • House of Bjornson
  • Juggers of the Wasteland
  • Knight’s Life
  • Nuclear Bombshell Scouts
  • Saber Knights Academy
  • SCA – Barony of Starkhafn
  • Stirling Mercenaries


Oh, and did we mention the Experience is

FREE, ALL-AGES, and OPEN to the public?!

We’ve never had an experience like this before, so whether you’re a fighter, a fan, or just want a day of free fun for the kids, we’re looking forward to seeing you!