The CombatCon Experience


“I want to do that!”

That’s how one of our founders felt, as he watched a rapier and dagger demonstration at his first Renaissance Festival. Not only was he immediately hooked, but the idea for the CombatCon Experience was born — a chance for anyone to do something wild, fun, and out of the ordinary. An experience to spark a passion.

Combatcon Experience Welcome sign

This way to the Combatcon Experience

The CombatCon Experience is a free, open-access, all-ages hall of wonders designed to give you a multitude of interactive thematic activities hosted by various combat-enthused groups. At the Experience, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Handle historical replicas of swords and other weapons
  • Try on armor that would have been worn by actual knights
  • Listen to music and try your hand at a game of jugger in the Wasteland area
  • Beat your friends with boffer weapons in a LARP-style Highlander Game
  • Watch demonstrations of skill, bravery, and bravado with various weapons
  • Hear the crack of expertly wielded whips, or the sizzle of electrifying Shock Knives
  • Shop for goods and wares from our fabulous vendors

Families are welcome, cosplay is encouraged, and good times are expected!


2018 Exhibitor groups in the Experience include:

  • Fireblood
  • Juggers of the Wasteland
  • Knight’s Life
  • SteampPunk Dolls
  • Saber Knights Academy
  • Stirling Mercenaries
  • Dagorhir, Belegarth, Amtguard – LARP

Oh, and did we mention the Experience is

FREE, ALL-AGES, and OPEN to the public?!

Whether you’re a fighter, a fan, or just want a day of free fun for the kids, we’re looking forward to seeing you!