The Saber Legion Tournaments

TSL III is happening at CombatCon 2018!

The Saber Legion, or TSL, is an international saber combat organization that specializes in dueling with the iconic saber from everyone’s favorite sci fi universe. While the training and dueling is where the focus lies, building a community for like-minded saber enthusiasts has become the TSL mission. If you have ever used a flash light to “block a laser” or made the iconic “vroom” with your laser pointer TSL is the organization for you. The Saber Legion’s mission statement is to bring enthusiasts from all walks of life together in one amazing community “United Through Sabers.”

Founded in 2015, TSL has hosted two successful annual saber tournaments and is excited to have the third tournament, TSL III, hosted by CombatCon. The ruleset is simple, focusing on keeping the sword play fun and safe. By keeping the rules general there is no favor to any “real world” fighting system. The Custom Saber is not a “traditional weapon” so it has the flexibility to adapt to the user that wields it. Most systems pit practitioners of a specific style against practitioners of the same style while in TSL you will get to face off with weapons fighters from many different martial backgrounds.




TSL III is open to current members of The Saber Legion who have the approved gear for tournament level participation and have attended the TSL III orientation (held at the venue before the brackets begin). Membership is free and simple; complete the TSL paperwork (Hold Harmless Agreement and Club Rules) and return them (this can be done ahead of time or at the venue). TSL looks forward to seeing members in the ring and to becoming a part of the CombatCon community. Gear up, play safe and have fun, United Through Sabers!



Don’t forget you’ll need to have a Tournament Pass or Warrior Pass in order to register for tournaments.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


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