VIP Benefits


Want to be awesome? A member of an exclusive club? Someone whose very presence adds class and mystique to any gathering? Then consider becoming a CombatCon VIP! Not everyone can count themselves among this elite group,* but those who do will enjoy some seriously cool benefits. Here’s what you’ll get:


Priority Access to Classes & Panels:

Priority Access will help you get into your top choices!



Free Equipment and Weapons Check:

Stash your stuff for free! (Open Daily Friday, Saturday & Sunday. No overnight equipment is allowed)



4 Drink Tickets:

For use at the CombatCon Bars during any of our after-hours activities.



Special VIP only t-shirt and Swag:

Exclusive to VIPs, this shirt is not for retail sale. ($20 value)

Additional VIP will receive CombatCon swag that all other have to purchase seperately!

*Make sure you are one of the privileged few and sign up to become a CombatCon VIP!