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This is the best that HEMA and WMA have to offer. Over 130 hours of HEMA & WMA classes, 8 different tournaments, free fencing space day & night, and demonstrations all weekend. Just beginning? No problem - martial arts classes for people of all levels!


Get your cosplay on in a truly unique environment. Attend panels and classes about cosplay weapons, armor making, and fighting like a superhero. Compete in the costume contest, meet cosplay experts, swap techniques, and flaunt your finery.

Stunt Fighters / Films

Hands-on instruction in stage combat and stunt fighting. Experts with decades of experience in Hollywood. Classes, panels and presentations with all manner of insider information. This is an opportunity you won't find anywhere else in the world.


Join us and journey through time to the Age of Steam. Explore the Walk Through Time exhibit and relax in the Time Traveler's Lounge. Dress in your finest, and learn how to wield a walking stick against ruffians. No place in time is better than this!


If you write about fighting, this is the place for you. Research weapons, armor, and personal combat. Attend panels about writing fight scenes and violence. Handle real weapons and try on real armor. Even take hands-on classes in all manner of combat.


Role-playing games, tabletop games, card games and more! Take a break from the hands-on classes and get your hands on some dice, cards and character sheets. Enjoy weekend-long campaigns, short adventures, and everything in between.

CombatCon Film Festival!

Take a look at what you missed in 2014!