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Where History and Fantasy Meet!

Well, CombatCon 2014 has come and gone, and it was AMAZING!!! Thank you to everyone who joined us, including our special guests (Richard Hatch, Colin Cunningham, and Joe and Charlie from Red Jacket Firearms), our incredible instructors, panelists and presenters, our volunteers and convention staff, and especially our attendees. To everyone who couldn't join us -- we missed you! You should definitely come on down next year. It is one heck of a good time!!! In the meantime , you should sign up for the newsletter to get all the info about our plans for CombatCon 2015. Conveniently, you can do that right here!.


Where can you find fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Dark Fantasy, Cosplay, Comics, The Golden Age of Piracy, and Speculative Fiction?

Ok, a lot of places -- BUT, where can you find them armed with swords, maces, clubs, spears, knives, and other weapons of the West? Why, at CombatCon, of course! Imagine a place where fans of all genres can rub elbows with armed and armored martial artists, and try their hand at cracking a whip, throwing a dagger, felling an opponent with a two-handed sword, or defeating the zombie horde with a crowbar and a shovel. Yes folks, that place exists -- and it's called COMBATCON!


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