A Celebration of Martial Arts in Popular Culture

WHEN Aug 1st & 2nd, 2020
WHERE We're going virtual for 2020!

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There's no place in the world like it!

Welcome to CombatCon, the world's preeminent convention dedicated to the martial arts of Europe and the Americas. We are a unique educational event that combines martial arts training, panels and presentations, tournaments, a vendor and exhibitor hall, and dozens of fun, community-centered activities. Our focus is on Western Marital Arts (WMA), which includes Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA), Traditional European Martial Arts, stage and film combat, stunt work, combat sports (such a boxing and wrestling), and modern Western-based close-quarters defense/personal protection. We also showcase fantasy arts derived from WMA, such as The Saber Legion with energy sabers, and Steampunk combat. Of course, we also welcome non-Western martial artists because the mixture of regions and styles helps everyone learn and grow.

CombatCon is also for filmmakers, authors, artists, cosplayers, academics, historians, and anyone who finds martial arts to be exhilarating and captivating. Our goal is to educate, to compete, to have fun, and to come away with a greater appreciation for Western Martial Arts, for each other, and for ourselves. This is why our motto is "Discere, Pugnare, Ludere," or "Learning, Fighting, Playing." There's no other convention like this on the planet, and you simply can't afford to miss it. Join us at CombatCon.


Whether you're a martial artist, a stage combat fighter, a film stunt fighter, a member of the military or law enforcement, or a civilian concerned about personal protection, CombatCon is the place for you. With over 200 hours of classes in martial arts, stage and screen fighting, tactical combat, and personal protection, our convention offers training for people of all skill levels. In addition to hands-on classes, we also feature tournaments, tons of unique demonstrations, and panels and presentations with experts in of all aspects of combat. Check out the Schedule!


Are you a writer concerned with accurately representing the warrior and their combat in your work? Do you want to add authenticity to your characters and their fight scenes? If so, then let CombatCon™ be your muse. We offer a dedicated Writers Track featuring classes, panels, and presentations focused on writing about combat, along with practical classes where you can see your fight scenes brought to life by trained martial artists and stunt fighters. Try on armor, handle real weapons, learn the jargon, and learn about the psychological effects of violence. Check out the Schedule!

And More!

CombatCon offers a ton of other fun activities like:
-Panels and presentations,
-The Experience Hall full of vendors, demonstrations and interactive booths,
-A cosplay costume contest,
-Watching tournaments,
-After-hours shenanigans (like our fabulous Time Traveler's Ball!),
-and more!
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