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Got a favorite weapon? Or maybe two, or three, or more? Don’t worry, CombatCon has got you covered with a wide variety of HEMA tournaments! Test yourself against competitors from around the world. See below for tournament details, rules, and registration information:

HEMA Tournaments

*If you are competing in the HEMA tournaments make sure you are included on the list of registered tournament participants that will be made available.

Note the registration deadline is July 9th so there is sufficient time to organize the pools.


Choose from four longsword tournaments to match your skill level. Check HERE for required protective gear.

Synthetic Longsword

Entry level, open tournament using synthetic trainers. Does NOT require cutting qualifier.

Open Steel Longsword

Open Steel Longsword is for Intermediate skill level. For fighters who often make eliminations or close to, may have won synthetic tournaments, or placed in smaller regional open tournaments and/or who are not one of the top 3 fighters in their club. Requires cutting qualifier.

Tier One: Champions of HEMA Longsword

Tier One: Champions of HEMA Longsword is for fighters who repeatedly place in the top 4 of medium to large open LS tournaments, fighters who are selected to fight in high-level invitational LS tournaments. (limited to 16 fighters, no more than 3 fighters per school). Those who do not meet the requirements will be bumped down to Open Steel Longsword.

*Note if you are not sure if you should be in this bracket, email us at Requires cutting qualifier.

Women’s Tournament

Tournament for all levels of female fighters. Does NOT require cutting qualifier.

SGT Blades Sword and Buckler

Tournament arming swords provided by SGT Blades. Check HERE for appropriate gear.


Check HERE for acceptable blades and protective gear.


Singlesticks & Baskets will be provided by tournament organizers. Check HERE for acceptable protective gear for singlestick.


All cutting tournaments require a qualifying round. Those who have already completed pre-qualification for Steel Longsword are also considered pre-qualified for the cutting competition. Click HERE for cutting tournament rules.

Open Cutting

An entry level tournament for those that have not won a cutting tournament before.

Advanced Cutting

Similar format as the beginner’s tournament, with more challenging cutting feats. For competitors that have won an intermediate cutting tournament or metaled in a major competition.

2018 Tournament Schedule

A few years back, we received a lot of feedback that tournament participants didn’t get to take classes. We hear ya! At CombatCon, the tournament schedule begins Thursday morning and goes straight through to the finals Saturday evening. That way, you will be free to take classes all day Sunday!


  •  Advanced Cutting:  10:30am-12:30pm
  •  Open Cutting: 12:30pm -2:30pm
  •  Singlestick Pools and Elims: 2:30p-6:30pm


  • Cutting Qualifiers: 9am-10am
  • Tier 1 Longsword Pools: 10:00-11:30am
  • Open Steel Longsword Pools: 11:30-2:30pm
  • Synthetic Longsword Pools and Elims: 3-5:30pm
  • Rapier Pools and Elims: 6-9:30pm


  • Women’s Steel Longsword Pools and Elims: 9-10:30am
  • Open Steel Longsword Elims: 11-12pm
  • Sword and Buckler Pools and Elims: 12:30pm-3:30pm
  • Livestream and Finals: 4:30pm-End

Real Time Tournament Updates

Check the TOURNAMENT WEBSITE for live updates on results of the tournament pools, placement, and advancement to the finals all weekend!

It is your responsibility to be in communication with the tournament staff about advancements. In particular, if you are on the edge of making it to the next round, keep checking the brackets. Occasionally, someone who advances must bow out of the tournament and you may be moved into their place!

Tournament Rules

The 2018 Rule Set is here, but the Tournament Directors are always working on improvements so there may be changes as we get closer. Watch the video below for an in depth description of the rules.
Dont forget to check the Tournament Gear Guide to make sure you have the appropriate equipment to compete.

Live Stream

What is the next best thing to being at CombatCon? Watching CombatCon’s kick-ass tournaments while they happen. In addition to having the biggest long sword tournament on North America we will be LIVE STREAMING all of the tournament finals to the entire world! We have lined up colourful commentators and professional cameramen. This Live Stream will be the one to watch. If you think you have what it takes to win at CombatCon and you want the world to know about it, well, here is your chance. Come and show the world what you can do!

Check out the Livestream from 2017:

Past LiveStreams:

Link to 2016 LiveStream


Link to 2015 LiveStream



The registration deadline was July 9th, 2018. However, there may be spots that become available if a Participant is unable to compete. Please contact the Tournament Directors to get on a wait list.