The Saber Legion Tournaments

The Saber Legion, or TSL, is an international saber combat organization that specializes in dueling with the iconic LED saber from everyone’s favorite sci-fi fandom while allowing those who have specific training from all sword based martial sports to incorporate that training into their methodologies of swordplay within our ring. Our mission in The Saber Legion is one where we are  committed to cultivating a safe, fun, inclusive global community of LED saber sport enthusiasts.  The Saber Legion represents the values of honor, respect and humility, volunteerism, transparent leadership, equitable rules, and healthy competition and challenges for all experience levels.  The Saber Legion’s motto “United Through Sabers” is the foundation of our connection that brings enthusiasts from all walks of life together in one amazing community.

Founded in 2015, TSL has hosted successful annual saber tournaments and is excited to have the sixth tournament, TSL VI, hosted by CombatCon in 2022. With Charters all over the world, the annual tournament has become the hub for experienced and new fighters to find an equal field to test themselves against the best our sport has to offer. The ruleset is simple, focusing on keeping the sword play fun and safe. By keeping the rules general there is no favor to any “real world” fighting system. The Custom Saber is not a “traditional weapon” so it has the flexibility to adapt to the user that wields it. Most systems pit practitioners of a specific style against practitioners of the same style, but in TSL you will get to face off with fighters from many different martial backgrounds. Oftentimes this fighting style represents the MMA of sword fighting; pitting many different kinds of duelists against each other for an ultimate match up.

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The Saber Legion hosts 4 tournament types and several new ones to enhance the experience for our members. Any fighter may register as long as they meet the general terms. 

TSL has always had the Standard Single Saber as well as Exotics Saber Weapon tournament that allows all fighters multiple platforms to fight utilizing different weaponry that represents the fandom of our Universe. This year registrants will be emailed with a preregistration/gear inspection form that will allow them to choose between two sub divisions in Exotics Light or Heavy.  Please review the ruleset for exact clarification on how those two are different.

Tag team will also return this year at TSL6.  There is a limited number of entries for this tournament.  And premiering a new division for TSL members who have been with TSL and are looking for a new challenge, the Unity Tournament.  16 spots only!

In addition, created at TSL 4, we have added a Women’s Tournament as well as a 50+ tournament to allow those fighters a platform to represent and promote the diversity of our community.  Please review our current ruleset to make sure you are meeting the standards for whichever tournament you sign up to participate in (TSL VI rules will be available 4/1/22). TSL VI will be open to current members of The Saber Legion who have the approved gear for tournament level participation and pre register for the event. 

Membership is free and simple; complete the TSL paperwork (Membership and Hold Harmless Agreement) and return them (this can be done ahead of time or at the venue). TSL looks forward to seeing members in the ring and to becoming a part of the CombatCon community. Gear up, play safe and have fun, United Through Sabers!

Don’t forget you’ll need to have a Tournament Pass or Warrior Pass in order to register for tournaments.

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.


TAG TEAM (Special Note to website developer): Please add a field where Fighters can name who they are partnering with )
***UNITY SINGLE ELIMINATIONExperimental division (not ranked) *(NEW TOURNAMENT) 
*BYPASS STAFFING OBLIGATION PASSAs we are a community-driven / staffed organization, we rely on the community to staff this event.  However, if a fighter registers for a tournament and wants to be exempt they may purchase this pass and not help with staffing at any time during the weekend.Entire Weekend for the attendee registered10$50

Without the pass: Each year our tournament is an event for the community, by the community. 

Anyone not purchasing the “BYPASS”: Our expectation is that anyone who registers will assist in the tournament staffing onsite between Wednesday night set up and Saturday’s morning pools. This should be roughly <1 hour per tournament registration.  

(Example: Bob registers for 2 tournaments: when he receives his PreREgistration and Gear Guide Check-in May he will select two items to volunteer for also based on his availability and preferences). 

* denotes New material for TSL6

** denotes Caps limits that may be adjusted based on registrations

*** denotes Rulesets that have modifications to our “Standard” ruleset.  Please be aware that you will need to review those specific rules before participating. <Available 4/1/2022>.