Anthony De Longis

Anthony has been a professional teacher, performer and student of the bladed arts for over 40  years and counting. Anything with a blade, both fighting and throwing, in styles encompassing the European (Saber, Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword, Smallsword, Axe, Staff, etc), Japanese katana and spear and the Filipino bladed arts, and he does it all from horseback. Visit his web site ( to see him in action.


 A Fifth Degree Black Belt, he’s a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame (2008 Weapons Instructor of the Year), collegiate saber champion and a 2nd Degree Black Belt and instructor in Shinkendo under Sensei Mathew Lynch and Kaiso Toshishiro Obata, De Longis invented his unique “rolling loop, follow the handle” style of Combative Whip artistry based on decades of bladed weapons training in European (with Maestro Ralph Faulkner), Filipino (with Guro Dan Inosanto) and Japanese combative sword styles.

Visit the Whip Master on his website at to see him cut the wick from beneath a candle flame, slice effortlessly through a hand-held wine glass and sever targets from horseback at full gallop from the fingers of an opposing rider as they pass at full gallop.


Whip Master to the Stars : Anthony created a more efficient, effective, accurate and visually dynamic method of Whip artistry for Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS. He trained and shared these methods with Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones in KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, Angelica Houston in BUFFALO GIRLS and Ellen Barkin in WILD BILL, and the whip fighters in THE RUNDOWN, as well as a legion of professional and amateur performers and martial artists.
Check out his web site at and WHIP MASTER at for more information and to see Anthony’s SKILLS in action.

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