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Anthony has created memorable roles in film, television, and theater working projects around the world. Please view a partial list on his IMDB at
His 45 years of bladed and flexible weapons experience allows him to make an equalizing ‘weapon of opportunity’ out of almost anything. Behind the camera he specializes in helping performers, stunt coordinators and directors make the most of their character and story driven action opportunities.

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Anthony has been a performer, teacher / trainer and student of bladed arts from around the world for over 45 years and counting. He has a deep knowledge of European weaponry (broadsword, saber, rapier & dagger, small sword, etc), Japanese katana and spear (Shinkendo 2nd Degree Black Belt and Level 3 Instructor) and Filipino double weapon and knife arts (10 years training with Guro Dan Inosanto), staff, spear, lance and archery, and he does them all from horseback.
Yuen Woo Ping flew him to Shanghai to duel Jet Li with saber vs gin in the FEARLESS and he guest starred twice on HIGHLANDER – THE SERIES in season 3 Blackmail as the Irish Immortal Lyman Kurlow (broadsword vs katana) and in season 5 Duende as the Spanish Swordmaster Ottavio Conssone. Duende was written for Anthony and allowed him to introduce the unique Mysterious Circle system of Spanish rapier fighting to the screen in a classic rapier and dagger duel in the rain created with co-choreographere Braun McAsh and series star Adrian Paul.  View both of these sword fights and others utilizing a variety of bladed weapons combinations on his Sword Reel at ot
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 A Fifth Degree Black Belt, he’s a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame (2008 Weapons Instructor of the Year), collegiate saber champion and a 2nd Degree Black Belt and Instructor in Shinkendo under Sensei Mathew Lynch and founder Kaiso Toshishiro Obata, De Longis created his unique “rolling loop, follow the handle” style of Combative Whip artistry based on decades of bladed weapons training in European (with Maestro Ralph Faulkner), Filipino (with Guro Dan Inosanto) and Japanese combative sword styles.


Anthony created a more efficient, effective, accurate, visually pleasing and dynamic method of Whip artistry for Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS and has been refining his methods for over 35 years. He trained and shared these methods with Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones in KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, Angelica Houston in BUFFALO GIRLS and Ellen Barkin in WILD BILL, to name a few. Most people settle for the big bang and don’t begin to appreciate the versatility and potential  combative applications the whip can employ at multiple ranges. His unique ‘De Longis Rolling Loop’ system stabs and focuses the energy for a much more concentrated point of impact.

His work has been featured in the movies (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Batman Returns, Wild Bill, Bad Girls, The Rundown) and on television (More Extreme Marksman, Buffalo Girls, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Adventures of Sinbad, Queen of Swords). He has even worked his bullwhip for the Los Angeles Opera – wrapping famed tenor Placido Domingo in The Girl of the Golden West.

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Watch the Whip Master  cut the wick from beneath a candle flame, slice effortlessly through a hand-held wine glass and sever targets from horseback at full gallop from the fingers of an opposing rider as they pass at full gallop:


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Visit Rancho Indalo,  (, Anthony and Dr. Mary De Longis’ one-stop multi-skills training facility is located top of the mountain in Canyon Country, about 45 minutes north of Universal Studios. This is where I have my school and where I teach, train and stay performance sharp. Disciplines include whips, swords, weapons on horseback, on-site live fire gun range, archery, knife and hawk throwing, world class riding opportunities, fine dining and spa. They have horses trained for multiple weapons work and great riding opportunities for intermediate to advanced riders. Clients from across the country and around the world come to train in fight and weapons techniques.


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