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What the hell is a CombatCon?

You’ve made it this far in your Google searching and Facebook clicking, you’re pretty sure there are swords involved and at least a few people who are dressed funny. One of these things likely appeals to you. But wait. Is it a party? A show? A tournament? A workshop? Well, yes. CombatCon has a unique […]

You Wish You Could Fight Like a Girl – Women in Combat

“You _____ like a girl!” The boilerplate insult of child sexism everywhere. At least, it used to be. The times they are a-changing. Finally. Sort of. Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Paddy Crean Workshop in Banff, Alberta, CA – the largest international workshop dedicated to combat for the stage and screen. The […]

Spotlight: Scott Brown on the Future of HEMA

Those who have been to CombatCon are familiar with the name. Scott Brown has been an influential voice in the HEMA community and has contributed much in recent years to the inclusion of historically and martially sound technique in stage and screen fighting through the Paddy Crean Workshop, CombatCon, and other venues. We had the […]