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What the hell is a CombatCon?

You’ve made it this far in your Google searching and Facebook clicking, you’re pretty sure there are swords involved and at least a few people who are dressed funny. One of these things likely appeals to you. But wait. Is it a party? A show? A tournament? A workshop? Well, yes. CombatCon has a unique […]

You Wish You Could Fight Like a Girl – Women in Combat

“You _____ like a girl!” The boilerplate insult of child sexism everywhere. At least, it used to be. The times they are a-changing. Finally. Sort of. Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Paddy Crean Workshop in Banff, Alberta, CA – the largest international workshop dedicated to combat for the stage and screen. The […]

Conflict is Universal: How Actors Benefit from Fighting

So you’re an actor. You delve into the strange places that character development can take you, learning odd habits and adapting them into the tiny window we get to view your character through for the brief engagement we have with them in a play or a film. It’s pretty likely that, at some point in […]

Behind the Scenes: Stunt Stories and Combat Chronicles

You’re in the theater watching the summer blockbuster of your choice. The A-list celebrities are giving an incredible performance. Just as the film reaches its climax, the main character accomplishes some impossible task of physical ability, overcoming insurmountable odds and solidifying their place as one of Hollywood’s great heroes. Credits roll, maybe applause, opinions start […]

What is HEMA, and Why Should You Be Doing It?

Martial arts, for the most part, is not a new concept. The human species has spent an innumerable amount of time over the course of its existence trying to codify and improve upon methods for both causing and preventing harm to other human beings. Interestingly, though, even at one of the greatest times of peace […]